SkillCorner is a french startup based in Paris, currently in the 20th district at Soleillet Incubator.
We build artificial intelligence algorithms for professional team sports. From a single video feed, our algorithms detect the players and the ball, identify each player, each event, each tactical scheme. The captured data are then valued to the clubs, the broadcasters and the bookmakers.
We are looking for talented mathematics and software engineering individual willing to join our team. So if you are as passionate about artificial intelligence and sport as we are, join us!

We are recruiting...

  • Marketing & Business Development Intern : : Take the oportunity to directly impact company performance and be part of a dynamic, exciting FrenchTech startup environment. More details: EN, FR
  • Data Scientist Intern : Improve your knowledge in Machine learning applied to computer vision. More details: EN, FR
  • Software Engineer Intern : Improve your knowledge in software engineering by working on every aspect of our web application. More details: EN, FR
  • Software Developer : Help us develop our product, from web development to architecture. More details: EN, FR

To apply for one of these positions or if you have other skills we may like, contact us at