ID: 245
{N°10 - Home team}

{“group”: “home team”,
“x”: 24.59, “y”: 15.23,
“distance to ball”: 3.42,
“speed”: 29.18, “sprint”: “HI”}

The new
live football

With real-time automated data collection.
Powered by Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence.

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Video tracking

We have built an AI-powered video tracking technology based on deep learning capable of recognizing, positioning and following in real time, the football players, the referee and the ball from any broadcasted game. Our tracking algorithm for live broadcasted games is the best on the market with up to 95% accuracy.

Our products

Live match

  • The next generation of football match visualization.
    On any game and in real time
  • Innovative turnkey animation with easy and
    immediate integration
  • HTML animation with low bandwidth requirement
  • Exclusive tool for bookmakers, media and clubs to
    enhance football coverage and engage audiences
  • Available in all languages
  • Events data and line ups
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Our products

Live tracking
Data API.

  • JSON API, easy to use with direct access
    to previously unavailable tracking data
  • Best delivery time and live accuracy on the market
    with more than 1 000 000 data points per match
  • Constantly growing coverage, building the world’s largest football tracking database
  • ID: 245 {N°8, Home Team}

    { “group”: “home team”, “frame”: 2456, “x”: 12.45, “y”: 23.12 }

    { “group”: “home team”, “frame”: 2457, “x”: 12.83, “y”: 23.27 }

    { “group”: “home team”, “frame”: 2458, “x”: 13.67, “y”: 23.52 }

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An advanced technology
for leading innovators.
An advanced technology
ahead of the game.
An advanced technology
customized for your needs.

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