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Bring Live Betting to a whole new level

  • Share your passion of sports competition by bringing conviviality and interactivity to your users thanks to an innovative, bird's eye view of the game directly integrable with your website.

  • Give your punters the most exhaustive and dynamic animation for in play betting

    They will gain a more comprehensive information, in fact the same as on TV and much more emotion

  • As a first step, we will mainly cover the European competitions and national championships but no other competitions or regions are excluded. For all of these fixtures we will propose a 15 to 20" delay only from the action on the pitch.

  • For all of these fixtures we will propose a 15 to 20" delay only from the action on the pitch

  • Our focus: fixtures of the Champion’s League, the Europa League, the English Premier League, the French Ligue 1 & Ligue 2 and part of the other major European championships (Italia, Spain, Germany, Nederlands, Scottland, Portugal ...)


Changing the Live Game

  • 21h06'43"

    After a great job from Adrien Rabiot who gives the ball to Marco Verratti and a magic one-two between Neymar and Verratti


    Neymar shoots on target and scores


    You already share it on your website and your social media before everybody!

  • The way we watch sports is transforming and we can be that difference together. We are committed to creating an innovative user experience for sports fans across the globe through 2-Dimensional, real-time movement detection of all actors on the field with the integration of game highlights. SkillCorner provides a tool that allows media companies the opportunity to provide audiences live access to their favorite football teams. Let’s revolutionize the live match experience...

  • Thanks to SkillCorner, you will be able to offer your audience, all the fixtures from the Champion’s League, the Europa League, the English Premier League and the French Ligue 1 & 2 and part of the major european championships (Italia, Spain, Germany, Nederlands, Scottland, Portugal ...)

Data Diggers

Want to complete your Live data set ?

  • 10 times a second, we collect (x,y) coordinates of all actors on the field including the players, referee, as well as the ball.

  • As a data Digger, you will get the most exhaustive and accurate statistics for Football.

  • We are also working on the automatization of the game event collection.

  • 4 good reasons to get our live data feeds:

  •   Accuracy

  •   Exhaustiveness

  •   One of the best delivery times of the market

  •   All formats available (XML, Json ...)


Do not let your neighbor teach you when your favorite star scored a goal...

  • ...let’s celebrate it just before him thanks to the LiveCorner of SkillCorner. You will love to share it instantly on your social media !

  • Once registered, you will:

  •  Have access to our interactive 2D map (tag your players, display alignment ...) and to innovative statistics

  •  Get a shorter delay than any OTT lives

  •  Have unlimited access, anywhere on earth to all fixtures on LiveCorner even if you get low-bandwidth connections and heavy network traffic

  •  Potentially save hundreds on paid TV subscriptions

  •  You can finally put the burden of illegal streaming behind you!


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