How it starts

SkillCorner is the meeting of two sport lovers with more than complementary profiles and skills.
Its story begins in the classroom coming from the Entrepreneurship specialized program of two Schools sustained by two different but fully complementary cultures.

Hugo Bordigoni

Hugo Bordigoni

Co-founder & CTO

Hugo has graduated Ecole Centrale Paris (in applied mathematics and data science major) in 2015. Passionate about sport, especially football, he is today the Chief Technological Officer

Charles Montmaneix

Charles Montmaneix

Co-founder & COO

After two decades as a banker at Credit Agricole Group, Charles achieved a Master in Entrepreneurship equally awarded by Ecole Centrale Paris and ESSEC Business School in 2015. Avid and practising sport fan, he is the Chief Operating Officer and Head of Sales

Our Team

Timothé Collet

Timothé Collet

Head of Research
Chandrachud Basavaraj

Chandrachud Basavaraj

Machine Learning Researcher

Our missions and values

At SkillCorner, we want to revolutionize the way public and professionals consume sport and thereby the sport industry.
We want to help fans, spectators and professionals to better understand sport, its rules and its tactical aspects.
We want to offer the chance to get alternative visions of sport to all the people who either do not have access to the Stadium nor to images.

Our proposition

We offer a dynamic analysis of performance and an innovative and interactive visualization of professional team sports.
We tackle the difficulty to access relevant data during live sport event allowing our clients to take the right decision at the right time. For instance, our software can alert a coach of a failure in his tactic so he can adapt it in live.
We also help media and bookmakers to retain and captivate their audience, in a very competitive environment, by giving them innovative visualization of the game through augmented reality.

How it works

We are able to detect and recognize automatically, in live, every player, the ball, the referee, then every event of any game wherever in the world with artificial intelligence algorithms.
In fact, SkillCorner proposes real time recognition software of moving objects applied to the sports industry. From the match video feed, our algorithms localize players and ball and are able to identify every player twenty-five times per second. From all these collected data our artificial intelligence algorithms recognize all game events, tactical schemes and finally understand the « essence of sports ».

Our technology and difference

We are specialized in computer vision and machine learning, specifically in deep learning. This technology enables us to do real time recognition of moving objects from a single video feed and to automatically analyze match in real time.
We do not need any additional equipment in the stadium and remain physically non-intrusive for all the actors on the field. This is what makes our offer so flexible and universal.

They support us

Domnin de Kerdaniel

Domnin de Kerdaniel

Financial and business advisor

20 years of experience in Private Equity at KKR, 3i, CVC Capital and now private investor

Paul Dib

Paul Dib

Technical advisor

Software Engineer at Microsoft