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Crystal Palace becomes one of the first Premier League clubs to use Game Intelligence from SkillCorner

By: Eddie May
• July 2023

Crystal Palace FC has become one of the first teams in the English Premier League to sign a deal to use SkillCorner’s new Game Intelligence product, alongside an extensive set of current and historical physical data, for recruitment and match analysis.

Game Intelligence takes football insight to the next level by combining event and tracking data to truly understand how each player affects the game over 90 minutes, allowing scouts, analysts and coaching staff to evaluate key football concepts including:


  • Off-Ball Movement: understanding the volume, type and threat level of off-ball runs

  • Passing: a player’s ability to recognise and serve the most threatening runs 

  • Resisting Pressure: a player’s ability to retain the ball under different levels of pressure

Commenting on the value SkillCorner’s data will bring to the club, Ben Stevens, Head of Performance and Recruitment Analysis at Crystal Palace, said:

“The combination of SkillCorner’s physical data and the contextual insights delivered through Game Intelligence will add important information and context to our recruitment process. The insights provided will help us to filter our recruitment targets and better understand the potential synergy of a player with our existing squad, giving us a competitive advantage.”


Craig Inness, Business Development Manager at SkillCorner, said:

“SkillCorner data is used and trusted by more than 120 football clubs and federations around the world to support the scouting process and enhance their decision-making. We are really pleased to add Crystal Palace to this list and excited for them to be among the first Premier League teams to use our new Game Intelligence product.” 




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