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Game Intelligence: Passing Execution

By: Eddie May
• September 2023

Using Game Intelligence to evaluate a player's passing execution.


Traditional football data provides information about on-the-ball events and outcomes.

But on average a player is only on the ball for 3 minutes per game.

How can we evaluate the other 97% of a player's contribution, at scale? 

Our new Game Intelligence product takes football insight to the next level, by merging event and tracking data to evaluate the intelligence and effectiveness of key football concepts including:

- A player’s off-the-ball movement
- Their on-ball decision making and passing risk/reward profile
- Their ability to execute when under pressure from opponents




Here you can download an explanation of how Game Intelligence can be used to evaluate the passing opportunities a player has when in possession, their passing attempt and completion ratios, and their ability to recognise and serve dangerous runs. 





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