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Introducing Game Intelligence

By: Eddie May
• April 2023

SkillCorner, the company at the forefront of multi-format video tracking for sport, has launched Game Intelligence - a new football analytics product that uses tracking data to derive contextual insights to support decision-making in recruitment and team analysis. 


With the launch of Game Intelligence, SkillCorner is taking football insight to the next level, using tracking data to derive new metrics for capturing the context of a player’s movement off the ball and objectively measuring the performance of a player in possession and when dealing with pressure. 


Game Intelligence allows you to evaluate the intelligence and effectiveness of key football concepts:

  • OFF-BALL MOVEMENT. The volume, type and threat level of off-ball runs made when a team-mate is in possession

  • PASSING EXECUTION. A player’s ability to recognise and serve the most threatening off-ball movement

  • RESISTING PRESSURE. A player’s ability to retain the ball and deliver difficult passes under different levels of pressure

All of these metrics can be easily benchmarked against other individual players, as well as league and position averages across multiple global competitions, helping coaches, analysts and recruitment teams to make faster, better-informed decisions. 


Paul Neilson, General Manager of SKillCorner, said:

“SkillCorner’s tracking technology already provides an unrivalled level of insight and standardised benchmarking for physical, technical and tactical attributes of players across more than 60 global leagues and competitions. More than 100 football clubs and federations trust our XY and physical data to help them make smarter decisions in recruitment and player development, and Game Intelligence takes this to a new level of contextual insight.”




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