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By: Eddie May
• June 2023

Thanks to our automated technology, we can collect tracking and performance data on a global scale: enabling customers to identify, benchmark and analyse players from leagues and competitions all over the world. 



We now collect data from more than 100 leagues and tournaments around the world - including Europe, North America, LATAM, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Australia - with this number growing all the time. This includes an increasing number of the premier women's leagues and tournaments. 

For many of these competitions we have data covering multiple seasons going back as far as 2018/19, allowing clients to conduct longitudinal analysis on trends, teams and players. 

Please see below for a full list of our football data coverage. 


Men's Competitions
Competition Code Country Competition Format*  Available From:
AFC1 Regional Champions League "Summer" competition 2021
ARG1 Argentina Primera División "Summer" competition 2020/2021
AUS1 Australia A-League "Winter" competition 2023/2024
AUT1 Austria Bundesliga "Winter" competition 2019/2020
AUT2 Austria Bundesliga 2 "Winter" competition 2022/2023
BEL1 Belgium PRO League "Winter" competition 2019/2020
BRA1 Brazil Série A "Summer" competition 2019
BRA2 Brazil Série B "Summer" competition 2022
CAF1 Regional Champions League "Winter" competition 2021/2022
CAN1 Canada Premier League "Summer" competition 2022
CHI1 Chile Primera División "Summer" competition 2021
CHN1 China Super League "Summer" competition 2023
COL1 Colombia Categoría Primera A "Summer" competition 2021
CONCACAF1 Regional Champions League "Summer" competition 2022
CONMEBOL1 Regional Copa Libertadores "Summer" competition 2020
CONMEBOL2 Regional Copa Sudamericana "Summer" competition 2020
CRO1 Croatia 1. HNL "Winter" competition 2020/2021
CYP1 Cyprus Cypriot First Division "Winter" competition 2023/2024
CZE1 Czech Republic First League "Winter" competition 2020/2021
DEN1 Denmark Super Liga "Winter" competition 2019/2020
ECU1 Ecudador LigaPro "Summer" competition 2021
ENG1 England Premier League "Winter" competition 2018/2019
ENG2 England Championship "Winter" competition 2019/2020
ENG3 England League One "Winter" competition 2021/2022
ENG4 England League Two "Winter" competition 2022/2023
ESP1 Spain La Liga "Winter" competition 2018/2019
ESP2 Spain Segunda División "Winter" competition 2019/2020
ESP3 Spain Primera Division RFEF "Winter" competition 2023/2024
FRA1 France Ligue 1 "Winter" competition 2018/2019
FRA2 France Ligue 2 "Winter" competition 2019/2020
GER1 Germany 1.Bundesliga "Winter" competition 2018/2019
GER2 Germany 2.Bundesliga "Winter" competition 2019/2020
GER3 Germany 3. Liga "Winter" competition 2021/2022
GRE1 Greece Super League "Winter" competition 2019/2020
HUN1 Hungary Nemzeti Bajnokság "Winter" competition 2023/2024
ITA1 Italy Serie A "Winter" competition 2018/2019
ITA2 Italy Serie B "Winter" competition 2019/2020
JPN1 Japan J-League "Summer" competition 2022
JPN2 Japan J2-League "Summer" competition 2023
KSA1 Saudi Arabia Pro League "Winter" competition 2023/2024
KSA2 Saudi Arabia Division One "Winter" competition 2023/2024
KOR1 South Korea K League 1 "Summer" competition 2023
LVA1 Latvia Latvian Virslīga "Summer" competition 2023
MEX1 Mexico Liga MX "Winter" competition 2020/2021
NED1 Netherlands Eredivisie "Winter" competition 2019/2020
NED2 Netherlands Eerste Divisie "Winter" competition 2021/2022
NOR1 Norway Eliteserien "Summer" competition 2021
PAR1 Paraguay Primera División "Summer" competition 2021
PER1 Peru Primera División "Summer" competition 2021
POL1 Poland Ekstrklasa "Winter" competition 2020/2021
POR1 Portugal Primeira Liga "Winter" competition 2019/2020
POR2 Portugal Segunda Liga "Winter" competition 2023/2024
QAT1 Qatar Stars League "Winter" competition 2023/2024
ROU1 Romania Liga-1 "Winter" competition 2023/2024
RSA1 South Africa PLS South Africa "Winter" competition 2021/2022
RUS1 Russia Premier League "Winter" competition 2019/2020
SCO1 Scotland Premiership "Winter" competition 2019/2020
SRB1 Serbia SuperLiga "Winter" competition 2023/2024
SUI1 Switzerland Super League "Winter" competition 2019/2020
SVK1 Slovakia First League "Winter" competition 2023/2024
SWE1 Sweden Allsvenskan "Summer" competition 2020
TUR1 Turkey Süper Lig "Winter" competition 2019/2020
TUR2 Turkey Lig.1 "Winter" competition 2022/2023
UAE1 United Arab Emirates Pro League "Winter" competition 2023/2024
UEFA CL Regional Champions League "Winter" competition 2019/2020
UEFA EL Regional Europa League "Winter" competition 2019/2020
UECL Regional Conference League "Winter" competition 2021/2022
UKR1 Ukraine Premier League "Winter" competition 2020/2021
URU1 Uruguay Primera División "Summer" competition 2021
USA1 United States Major League Soccer "Summer" competition 2020
USA2 United States USL Championship "Summer" competition 2021
USA3 United States MLS Next Pro "Summer" competition 2022
Women's Competitions

Competition Code

Country Competition Format*  Available From:
WUSA1 United States NWSL "Summer" competition 2021
WENG1 England FA Women's Super League  "Winter" competition 2021/2022
WUEFA Regional Women's Champions League  "Winter" competition 2021/2022
WDEN1 Denmark Kvindeligaen "Winter" competition 2022/2023
WFRA1 France D1 Feminine "Winter" competition 2022/2023
WNOR1 Norway Toppserien "Summer" competition 2023
WSWE1 Sweden Damallsvenskan "Summer" competition 2023


We can provide data on 300 NFL, FBS and FCS teams. 



Tracking data from the 500 teams across the NBA, G-League,  NCAA Division one and high-level international competitions. 



Our coverage is increasing all the time, and we can respond to requests for new competitions (subject to the video quality meeting our standards).

For more information, please email 




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