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Pass Rushing Explosiveness in American Football

By: Eddie May
• April 2023

In addition to providing tracking, physical and contextual data to over 120 soccer clubs and federations around the world, SkillCorner also now offers data for American Football teams. 

 One of the metrics SkillCorner’s tracking data enables in American Football is the evaluation of in-game pass rushing explosiveness.


For the following breakdown we compare top draft candidates for the 2023 NFL draft with the performance of previous draft picks — highlighting yards gained by the pass rusher in the first second post-snap on passing plays.









A further breakdown comparing third down snaps in key pass rushing situations:

In a comparison of top projected pass rusher Will Anderson Jr. and the 2022 2nd overall pick Aidan Hutchinson, Hutchinson gained more than two yards in the first second following snap on 70% of snaps, compared to 53% for Anderson Jr.

Future exploration of pass rushing explosiveness can provide insight on the effectiveness of edge rushers in a 3-point stance vs. alignment as stand up linebacker.  It can provide direction on how explosiveness is trained and translated into on-field performance. Additional data investigating distance gained in 1st second on pressures vs. non pressures as well as % of distance gained from the quarterback launch point.

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