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Seattle Sounders Innovating With Game Intelligence

By: Eddie May
• July 2023

Seattle Sounders FC of the MLS has become one of the first football teams globally to use SkillCorner’s new Game Intelligence contextual data, alongside the company’s physical data.

Traditional football event data provides information about on-the-ball events and outcomes, but on average a player is only on the ball for three minutes per game. Game Intelligence takes football insight to the next level by combining event and tracking data to truly understand how each player affects the game over 90 minutes. 

Game Intelligence allows scouts, analysts and coaching staff to evaluate key football concepts including:


> Off-Ball Movement: understanding the volume, type and threat level of off-ball runs
> Passing: a player’s ability to recognise and serve the most threatening runs 
> Resisting Pressure: a player’s ability to retain the ball under different levels of pressure


Commenting on the value the club is already seeing from using Game Intelligence, Tyler Cox, Director of Analytics at Seattle Sounders, said:

“We felt that this was a highly innovative product that would add an extra layer of contextual data, helping us to gain more insights into the performance of our own players, opposition analysis and to support our decision-making process in player recruitment. We are already seeing the benefits of the off-ball movement data, in terms of helping us to evaluate the overall value of a player’s movement, even when he doesn’t receive the ball.” 

SkillCorner’s AI-powered technologies use broadcast and tactical video to deliver tracking, physical and tactical data from over 60 leagues and competitions across the world, without the need for fixed camera installations or wearable devices.  Matt Cohen, North American Sales Manager at SkillCorner, said:

“SkillCorner data is used and trusted by more than 120 football clubs and federations around the world to enhance their decision-making, including many of the biggest and most successful. We are really pleased to add Seattle Sounders to this list and excited for them to be one of the very first teams in the world to use our new Game Intelligence product.” 





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